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Improves combustion efficiency Excellent starting performance and stable idling
Increases horsepower at all RPM Very simple installation for both Plug Wire and Direct Coil
Improves torque at low and middle RPM and stabilizes voltage

  • For Plug Wire
    High voltage current boosted by coil flows through plug wires, and reverse induced current takes place, which prevents smooth flow of crucial current and decreases the performance of plug. D-Spark produces a stronger spark. It is applicable to original plug wire and also most of normal plug wires. Installation: Just clamp over the factory plug wire for tightening. Then affix the wire at a grounding point such as engine head and connect the other end to the battery negative terminal.

  • For Direct Coil
    Small current is charged on the iron core of direct coil, slight leakage also occurs. Consequently, the direct coils are not performing as it is originally designed. D-Spark eliminates charging of current and leakage at the iron core. It stabilizes the difference of potential among each coil and maximizes the original performance. As a result it brings stronger spark. Installation: Just tighten with the bolt of fixing the coil, then affix the wire at a grounding point such as engine head and connect the other end with the battery negative terminal.

    The below photo shows the engine head grounding point and the battery terminal:

  • Home Fuel Tech D-Spark :  
    (#SFDS)  D-Spark
     DELIVERY: 3~4 weeks for JDM accessories.

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