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Nanocarbon Alpha 1000 Contact Enhancer

Nanocarbon revives old connections and improves new connections throughout your vehicle & home A/V electrical systems. Incredible Nanocarbon molecules are so tiny they “fill up” air bubble voids left during the plating process when brushed onto connectors. The result is much better contact between metal surfaces. Nanocarbon is a result of Splitfire Japan’s total attention to detail regarding every aspect of signal transmission. Use only a little! This product is super-micro particle size (with nano-meter technology). The particle diameter is 15 Nm max., i.e. 15/1,000,000mm.

By applying the principle of atomic adsorption, Nanocarbon's nanosized particles adhere to metal surface evenly, they fill in any concave-convex sections on surface, increasing the electric conduction area and debasing impedance (W). In addition, this very stable liquid forms a layer protective film on the surface of the metal, preventing oxidation.

Nanocarbon vastly improves contact (conduction surface area). One application fills up microscopic voids on metal semi-permanently. Also acts as a lubricant for easy connection. As you can see from the graph above, resistance at high-frequency range is greatly reduced - an indication of enhanced conduction.


  • All electrical contacts are better sealed and protected from moisture, dirt & corrosion.
  • Battery terminals - improve voltage & engine startup.
  • Light bulb contacts - increase intensity by preventing voltage leaking and improving electrical connections.
  • Spark plug terminals - higher throttle response.
  • Audio terminals - higher sound quality with less noise.
  • Any metal contacts - no more loss of performance due to poor / incomplete / imperfect contact!

Other Uses:

  • Audio aspect: An overall improvement in high, medium and low frequency sound. Volume, echo, extension, penetration, resolution and level feeling, Q degree and shape feeling are exceptionally good improvement.
  • Video aspect: Upgrade the resolution, sharpness, color, brightness, background deepness and the graphical quality.
  • Computer aspect: Upgrade conductivity, decrease impedance in each terminal, and inhibit CPU to be over heated and smooth and stabilize the operation. Reduce frequency of shut down times.
  • High pulse, connective point of large current aspect: Inhibit over heat, save energy and reduce shut down times. (Breakdown)
  • All kinds of plug, socket. Press connection aspect: Activate the metal surface, increase the conduction surface and upgrade conductivity.
  • All kinds of sliding, rolling switch..... Dynamic connection aspect: Strengthen the cleanness, protection and lubrication effect of the contact surface and increase the conductivity. Eliminate the oxidization phenomenon and increase the product life.
  • All kinds of motor's brush... current conduction aspect: Strengthen the cleanness, protection and lubrication effect of the contact surface and increase the conductivity. Eliminate the oxidization phenomenon, avoid any spark and wearing of the contact surface and increase the life of brush and horsepower.
  • Measuring, communication and medication equipment: Improve the conductivity, lubrication and protection. Avoid any mal-function.
  • Video games & consoles, mobile phones, and all other gadgets.

2 models:

  • NCA-1000 Nanocarbon: Comes in 0.2 cc bottle with a felt stick with a narrow tip for easy & precise application. Each bottle can handle approx. 500 RCA terminals. Comes with one microfiber cloth for wiping off dust/dirt as a pretreatment.
  • NCA-1000SP Nanocarbon: Comes in 20mL 'pen style' mini canister. 10cm long fine orifice tube is included for hard-to-reach areas.

    DISCLAIMER: Certain rubber parts may swell so focus on metal parts only. It can stain skin, clothes and other surfaces. Must keep out of the reach of children! Use in a well-ventilated space. Do not eat. Manual comes in Japanese so you must have it translated professionally prior to use.

  • Home Battery Tech Nanocarbon :  
    (#NCA1000)  Nanocarbon - contact enhancer
     DELIVERY: JDM items take at least 3 ~ 4 weeks for delivery.
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