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Sun Automobile MoistAir
And ultrasonic humidifier + aromatherapy diffuser combination device that heals your body and soul with the therapeutic effect of 100% natural essential oil blends (not included), plus hydrate your skin & mucosal membranes for better defense mechanism.

Ultrasonic vibration to disperse water molecules and essential oil particles means no high temperature to harm your children and pets. Plus no heat heat to denature the precious essential oils.

White LED light that can be controlled with 3 levels. Compact size that fits most car cup holders. A cigarette adapter power cord is required for the device to function. Such cord is to be included with model JTB102.

  • Humidification System: Ultrasonic Vibration
  • Frequency: 1740 KHz
  • Tank Capacity: 55 mL
  • Timer Function: 30 / 60 min.
  • Power Source for Home Use: 60 Hz / AC100V
  • Power Source for Car Use: DC13.5V
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 70 diameter x 150 mm (or 189 mm when using a pedestal)
  • Directions Put a few drops of 100% natural essential oil into the port. A light switch for the white LED and a 3-way timer function settings. Use in the car with a cigarette adapter power cord.

    Supercharge your MoistAir's sanitizing power with Electrolyzed Water. A test performed by Institute of Environmental Health Food Testing Laboratories, Inc. in Japan dated Nov 27th, 2009 indicates that the mist ejected by MoistAir + Electrolyzed Water can decrease up to 90% of influenze B viruses compared to 64% of MoistAir withOUT Electolyzed Water.

    Home Safety Air Purification MoistAir :  
    (#SUNAUTO)  MoistAir - 12V cigarette adapter power cord included
    (#SUNAUTO)  Electrolyzed Water - 400 mL. Shelf life at room temp / refrigerator: 3 mo / 1 yr.
    (#SUNAUTO)  GAIA Essential Oils - imported from Japan
    > YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: 100% Natural U.S. Essential Oils.
    > DELIVERY: 3~5 weeks

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