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BOSCH (Japan) Premium Cabin Air Filters:

Bosch (Japan) Premium Cabin Air Filters, which are way more technologically-advanced than their US & Europe counterparts, deliver original equipment fit yet drastically improved quality for cleaner, healthier passenger cabin air quality.

Pollen and harmful substances inside a vehicle can be up to six times more concentrated than outside. Bosch (Japan) Premium Cabin Filters prevent harmful spores and pollen from entering the vehicle interior and keep passengers and downstream HVAC components protected. Please note that not all Bosch A/C filters are made alike. Bosch Japan makes the most advanced models that are available for more models & makes out there. Don't mistaken these with Bosch US & Bosch Europe counterparts.

A cabin filter works much like the air filter used with your furnace and/or air conditioning system in your home. Replace your cabin filter regularly with a Bosch Premium Cabin Filter and trap close to 100% of airborne contaminants before they enter the interior of your vehicle through the heating and air conditioning system. Follow these four easy steps to breathe cleaner air with Bosch Premium Cabin Filters:

  1. Find the right cabin filter(s) for your vehicle.
    Cabin filters are also known by an assortment of other names, such as pollen filters, interior air filters, breather filters, micro filters, micron air filters, air conditioning filters, interior ventilation filters, dust filters and dust/pollen filters. Bosch (Japan) A/F Filters are categorized into 3 models for Japanese cars, as well as 2 models for non-Japanese cars.
  2. Find the location of your vehicle’s cabin filter(s).
    Cabin filters are generally located under the hood, inside the glove box or under the dashboard. Check your owner's manual for the location of the cabin filter(s) in your vehicle.
  3. Change the cabin filter(s) regularly.
    Check and replace the cabin filter(s) in your vehicle every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or once a year.
  4. Breathe cleaner air.
    Bosch Premium Cabin Filters are designed better, fit better and perform better, offering more protection against harmful pollutants and providing cleaner air for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • For Japanese cars:
    Allergenic Inhibitor - This symbol signifies a layer with natural polyphenols that are extracted from lemon balm to effectively inactivate the potency of allergens. Polyphenols wrap around trapped allergens & render them hypoallergenic. FIY: Polyphenol is also a super anti-oxidant w/ anti-aging and healing effects.
    Anti-Microbial - This symbol means a silver (Ag) impregnated layer that has been proven to be an effective, all-natural, anti-microbial element. Silver nanoparticles curb the growth of a wide spectrum of mold, dust mites, bacteria, etc.
    Deodorization - This symbol signifies an innovative 3-layer activated charcoal system that is effective in absorbing odor, dust, smoke, exhaust gas, pollen, toxins, foul-smelling gases (e.g. ozone, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons), all particles that are in the 3 microns range. Activated carbon also deactivates many antigens & pathogens. Outer 2 layers are made of nonwoven synthetic fiber. Airflow is minimally restricted.
    Particulate Filtration - BOSCH Particulate Filters absorb up to 100% of all pollen, dust particles & harmful substances. This results in noticeable improvement in the air quality. Mold-resistant multi-layer media: 1) non-woven prefilter layer, 2) electrostatically-charged microfiber layer, 3) non-woven cover layer. This 3-layer system allows more pleats (surface area) for higher filtation capacity, captures larger contaminants, attracts & holds elusive smaller particles, and precents harmful particles from bypassing the filter media. This system is present in ALL BOSCH (Japan) filters.

    Aeristo AN- Aeristo AF- Aeristo AC-
    - Top-of-the-line, most complete filtration, perfect for allergy sufferers. - All-around protection for non-allergy sufferers. - Older models for Japan, current models for the US & Europe, many are out of production.

  • For Non-Japanese cars:
    Cabin Filter Plus
    - A 4-layer particulate + impregnated active charcoal filter. Filters down to 3 microns & please change filter every 15,000 ~ 30,000 km.

  • Home Safety Air Purification BOSCH Aeristo :  
    (#BOSCACF)  Aeristo AN-
    (#BOSCACF)  Aeristo AF-
    (#BOSCACF)  Aeristo AC-
    (#BOSCACF)  Cabin Filter Plus
     DELIVERY: 3~5 weeks for JDM accessories.
     NOTE: Even though you may identify your make & model p/n from the guide, no guarantee that J-spec parts will fit US-spec or Euro-spec cars.
     RETURN POLICY: No returns / cancellations on JDM products once order is placed so buyer beware.

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