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Don’t just "guess", check your tire pressure at a glance!

FYI: Tire Minder = older model, its indicator comes in a more confusing green, yellow & red 3-color system. Tire Minder Max = newer & more reliable model, its indicator comes in a more prominent green & red 2-color system. Always choose Tire Minder Max.

The revolutionary Tire Minder Max® Safety Pressure Indicator eliminates the guesswork of determining correct tire pressure. Proper inflation of your tires helps reduce the risk of poor handling, blowouts and accidents while improving gas mileage and tire life. These easy to install replacement valve caps constantly monitor your tire pressure with clear, bright color indicators.

The Tire Minder Max® valve caps are precision made and come in 2psi increments from 26psi through 42psi. This covers a full range of cars, vans and motorcycles as well as light trucks. Accuracy is guaranteed to within +/- one psi. Utilize the Tire Minder Max® Safety Pressure Indicators and travel with confidence. Constructed of chrome-plated brass & polycaronate for maximum durability & outstanding corrosion resistance.

How to pick the right Tire Minder Max?
You need to know the tire pressure that you require (or desire). Keep in mind that some vehicles use different tire pressures for front and rear. After you've determined the pressure that you require, choose the Tire Minder Max that is closest to the pressure rating that you require. For example, if your pressure rating is 29, order 30psi. Tire Minder Max.

Where can I find the tire pressure for my vehicle?
If the tires are original equipment, the correct tire pressure for your vehicle can be found on a printed decal on your door jam or glove box or fuel door. Also your owner’s manual or a Pamphlet supplied in your owner’s manual package. For replacement Tires, the correct inflation pressure will be provided by your tire retailer: if not, refer to the vehicle decal.

What if I have different tire pressure front and rear?
We sell Tire Minder Max in pairs for vehicles that have different pressure front and rear.

How to install Tire Minder Max?
Simple to use. Just remove your old valve cap and fill your tires to the recommended pressure (using an accurate pressure gauge), then screw on & tigthen the Tire Minder Max with only firm finger pressure.

How do Tire Minder Max work?
If the tire pressure drops by approximately 4 lbs (or 10-12%) from the Tire Minder Max's designated pressure rating. you will see the green color begin to disappear. You should add air pressure ASAP. At approximately 6 - 8 lbs below normal, the green will disappear with only a red ring visible. Inflate the tire immediately to prevent poor gas mileage, handling problems and excessive tire wear. You can even increase the sensitivity of the Tire Minder Max by using say, a 42 Tire Minder Max on a 40psi tire, what it will do is to tell you sooner that your tire is low on air. In this case, instead of showing red after 4-lb of pressure loss, it shows red after only 2-lb of pressure loss.

Why is proper tire psi important?
Proper tire inflation pressure is essential to the safe and satisfactory operation of your vehicle. Three primary areas are affected by improper tire pressure:

1. Safety

    a. Improperly inflated tires are dangerous and can cause accidents.
    b. Under inflation increases tire flexing and can result in tire failure.
    c. Over inflation reduces a tire’s ability to cushion shock. Objects on the road and chuck holes can cause damage that may result in tire failure.
    d. Unequal tire pressures can cause steering problems. You may lose control of your vehicle.
    e. Always drive with each tire inflated to the recommended pressure.
2. Economy
    a. Improper inflation pressures can cause rapid tread wear resulting in need for premature tire replacement.
    b. Under inflation also increases tire rolling resistance and results in higher fuel consumption.
3. Ride Comfort and Vehicle Stability
    a. Proper tire inflation contributes to a comfortable ride. Over inflation produces a jarring and uncomfortable ride. Both under inflation and over inflation affect the stability of the vehicle and can produce a feeling of sluggish response or over-responsiveness.
    b. Unequal tire pressures can cause erratic and unpredictable steering response.

Helpful Hints and Recommendations.
The Tire Minder Max® is an active component operating in a very unfriendly environment. As such, some maintenance and monitoring is recommended. The following are some suggestions to extend the life of your Tire Minder Max® and ensure continued proper performance.

Cautionary Notes:

  • The Tire Minder Max should attach smoothly and with little resistance. “Finger” tighten only - do not use tools. If the Tire Minder Max is difficult to install, it usually means the threads on the wheels valve stem are damaged. Do not force the Tire Minder Max! Have the valve stem replaced.
  • Do not use under “off-road” conditions.
  • Avoid spilling gasoline or other caustic liquids on any part of the Tire Minder Max.
  • Do not use with valve extenders (they leak and will cause a flat).
  • If you find you are constantly 'topping up' one of the tires, we suggest covering the Tire Minder Max with soapy water to check for leaks. This will tell you instantly if the Tire Minder Max has been damaged and needs to be replaced or if you need to take the tire to a service center.
  • Remove and inspect for damage every 2 or 3 months: Be sure that the black O-ring seal remains in the chamber of the Tire Minder Max after removal. Check that no foreign objects have entered the chamber and that the clear acrylic top is in good condition. At this time, you should check the actual tire pressure with a proper gauge and top-up the air if necessary. It is quite normal for tires to lose one pound per month (permeation).
  • Oil Changes/Service: We recommend removing all four Tire Minder Max before you take your vehicle in for service. We have had a number of reports of owners mysteriously losing one or more, as well as missing O-rings (when the car is picked up) which results in flat tires.
  • When To Replace: As with any other actively working component of your car, replacement at some point is recommended. Given the extreme conditions under which the Tire Minder Max operates (road salt, ice/snow, desert sand/heat, gravel roads, etc.), only you can decide when to replace all four units. As a general rule of thumb, you may consider replacing them at 48,000km or annually.

I spotted this similarly-looking product (but in black & with all-plastic casing) on some catalogues claiming to handle a range of 20 - 42psi with one model and that the sensitivity is within 2-3psi drop. Is that true?
Minder Research has researched and been involved in tire indication for almost ten years, we have had the opportunity to put our name on most of the visual indicators. So we consider ourselves experts in this field after having seen and tested most. We had originally seen this all-plastic product back in 1997. This type of indicator, although it works on the same principal and on paper looks great, we found that the indication window is small and hard to see as you look from a distance. It always has a small indication of red showing because of the design. At lower pressures the indication is not large enough when the pressure range covered by one unit (25 to 42psi), the red warning has to have enough room to fill the window at the highest pressure (42 psi), therefore; at lower pressures the indicator is only half of the window or lower making the indication hard to see. Moreover, because the indicator is extremely thin it also was hard to read at certain angles. Also,the lower pressure indication was extremely erratic definitely not 2-3psi. We also take into consideration the length of this model and because of the different tire applications (rims and valve stems), they are longer version of the valve stem indicators and in some cases could come into contact with curbs. We have approached the idea of using all plastic units in the past, but have found them less durable in the long run for a number of reasons. In the environment they are designed for, we lean towards a metal unit because we feel it will be more durable. Of course this is just our opinion, and is meant in no way to discredit this product. Besides, it is virtually impossible to make one model to handle such wide pressure range in such small housing. All our models are individually & precisely calibrated to handle its designated pressure range accurately. Either others have alien or pseudo technology that we don't yet harness. And we are the pioneer in this field, so you'll be the judge.

Home Safety TPMS Tire Minder Max :  
 (#TMM-28)  Tire Minder Max ( 28psi ) - 2-pk for 2 tires of pressure range: 26-29psi. $012
 (#TMM-28S)  Tire Minder Max Black ( 28psi ) - 4-pk for 4 tires of pressure range: 26-29psi. $024
 (#TMM-32)  Tire Minder Max ( 32psi ) - 2-pk for 2 tires of pressure range: 30-33psi. $014
 (#TMM-36)  Tire Minder Max ( 36psi ) - 2-pk for 2 tires of pressure range: 34-38psi. $014
 (#TMM-40)  Tire Minder Max ( 40psi ) - 2-pk for 2 tires of pressure range: 38-41psi. $014
 (#TMM-42)  Tire Minder Max ( 42psi ) - 2-pk for 2 tires of pressure range: 41-44psi. $014
H/P as in High Pressure: The following H/P models are available in powerdered grey finishing only. These are the new & improved '07 versions.
 (#TD-65)  Tire Minder Max H/P ( 65psi ) - 2-pk for camper trailers, compact spare tires $024
 (#TD-80)  Tire Minder Max H/P ( 80psi ) - 2-pk for vans, F250/350, 1-ton trucks, buses, RVs N/A
 (#TD-85)  Tire Minder Max H/P ( 85psi ) - 2-pk for (see above description) N/A
 (#TD-100)  Tire Minder Max H/P ( 100psi ) - 2-pk for buses, RVs motor homes, transport trucks $024
 (#TD-110)  Tire Minder Max H/P ( 110psi ) - 2-pk for buses, RVs motor homes, transport trucks $024
 (#TD-130)  Tire Minder Max H/P ( 130psi ) - 2-pk for buses, RVs motor homes, transport trucks $024
> ALSO CONSIDER: ValveLock - use this to set desired tire pressure in real-time first.

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