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55W Halogen-to-HID Conversion Kit. And 35W D2R/S -to- 55W D2R/S Conversion Kit. Every single component in this conversion kit is made in Japan under the strictiest ISO guidelines for maximum reliability. 55W HID outputs almost two times as bright as factory 35W HID, or 6 times as bright as factory 55W halogen. Some vehicles may behave adversely with faulty light indicator but this doesn't affect the performance of these HID kits. Install on 12V vehicle only. Never disassemble or modify anything in these kits. Must adjust beam height & projection angle after installation. The D2R/D2S 55W conversion kit is the first type of its kind in the world. All output in 6,000K.

More than 3x brighter than factory 55W halogen system. Japanese made under strict ISO guidelines. This line consists of halogen-to-HID conversion kit & direct-swap D2R/S & D4R/S capsules. D2R/S comes in 6,000K & 7,000K colors while the rest comes only in 6,000K.

FOB: Japan  Splitfire 35W HID

Home Lighting Menu SplitFire :  

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