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Why you need SuddenSTOP?
Chances are you or someone you know has been involved in a rear-end collision.

Don’t let it happen again. Equip your vehicle with SuddenSTOP now!

Reality is... the driver behind you is not paying attention, and the 1.6 million rear-end collisions that happen every year prove it. So how do you protect yourself from being rear-ended if you slam your brakes? The answer is SuddenSTOP!

SuddenSTOP is an easy to install license plate frame that attaches to your vehicle in seconds. SuddenSTOP flashes super brite LED lights when you slam your brakes, and ONLY when you slam your brakes. The result is the tailing driver having more time to react. In fact 1/4 second faster reaction time at 60 MPH can add as much as 20 feet of additional stopping distance.

Here's how it works:

SuddenSTOP was designed to grab the attention of a tailing driver when you slam your brakes, and only when you slam your brakes. If SuddenSTOP can get the vehicle behind you to apply its brakes merely 1/4 of a second faster you might save yourself from being rear-ended.

SuddenSTOP does not flash on normal braking, only hard panic stops.

Installation is as easy as putting on a license plate! All you need to install SuddenSTOP is a screwdriver. No wiring to your vehicle’s brake or electrical system is necessary. Everything needed for SuddenSTOP to operate is contained in the unit itself, including batteries. Simply take SuddenSTOP out of the box, place it behind your license plate, and screw both plate and SuddenSTOP onto your vehicle. That’s it! SuddenSTOP is always on. Its built in batteries last 15,000 hours so SuddenSTOP is always ready to warn tailing vehicles that you have slammed your brakes so they can react quicker, possibly preventing a rear-end collision!


  • Does SuddenSTOP activate every time I use my brakes?
    No, SuddenSTOP only lights up and flashes to warn tailing vehicles when you have slammed your brakes violently. SuddenSTOP has highly sensitive measurement devices and microprocessors that can tell whether you have slammed your brakes or used your brakes normally.

  • What makes tailing drivers react to SuddenSTOP?
    SuddenSTOP’s super bright LED lights flash on an off rapidly for 3 seconds and then turn off. Studies show that flashing lights can possibly help make your vehicle more visible to tailing drivers giving them more time to react in a panic stop situation.

  • Do I need any automotive skills to install SuddenSTOP?
    No. If you can turn a screwdriver you have all the skills needed to install SuddenSTOP.

  • How long will it take to install SuddenSTOP?
    Average time is 2 minutes.

  • Are there any wires I have to tamper with to install SuddenSTOP?
    No. SuddenSTOP is not attached to your vehicles wiring or brake system in any way what so ever. Everything needed to function is built into SuddenSTOP.

  • What tools do I need for installation?
    A screwdriver is all you need to install SuddenSTOP.

  • Will SuddenSTOP fit my car?
    Yes- SuddenSTOP’s universal design will fit nearly any vehicle on the road.

  • How long will SuddenSTOP’s batteries last?
    2-3 years depending on your driving habits and typical driving environments where you are located.

  • Is there a way to test that my SuddenSTOP is working without someone following behind my car?
    Yes-remove SuddenSTOP and press the test button on back, if the unit is still bright everything is functioning properly. If the lights are dim you may need to replace your SuddenSTOP.

  • What if my license plate screws are too short to fit SuddenSTOP with or without ClearCover & potentially other gadgets?
    In very rare cases some vehicles are equipped with screws that are too short to accommodate SuddenSTOP alone. Or in the event that you install SuddenSTOP + ClearCover + maybe another gadget, your factory screws will be too short. Take your factory screw to a hardware store & get a matching one that is around 25~30 mm long.

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