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  • What is Drivemocion?
    A simple car sign with messages and emocions (“smileys”) which drivers can use to communicate with other drivers, Ensure you watch the video to further understand the product fully.

  • Why Drivemocion?
    When you're driving your car there are times when a single finger gesture can perfectly express your sentiments to a fellow vehicle operator. Although this is a relatively efficient form of non-verbal communication, we would like to present a device that brings some fun, class & technology to the table.

  • How does it work?
    It simply affixes to the inside of the car rear window using a power suction cup. Its wireless remote control affixes to the front windshield (using power suction cup) or optionally can be stowed in a front compartment (w/ detachable bracket). Pressing the remote's buttons to activate messages is a very intuitive task. The main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries – there is no long wire to the cigarette lighter. Batteries last for approximately 4 months depending on usage.

  • Specs:
    • 2 models to choose from, each displays 5 different messages
    • Clear front version which is better for using with skins, images on this page shows the red front version.
    • Powerful active-vacuumed suction cups
    • Main display is powered by 4x AA batteries, remote is powered by 2x AAA batteries
    • Dimensions: 6" dia x 1.25" thick (approx.), actual 'active LED zone' measures only 4.5" in height, so it fits in even the most slender window pane.
    • Power save mode that is activated by 5-min inaction of remote input & zero vehicle movement. And unit can be waken up again by vehicle movement later on!
  • Model: Original (5-message ver.)

  • Model: Faces (5-message ver.)

  • Installation Tips
    We've found the suction cup not strong enough to keep the unit up, thus we suggest using Scotch/3M's permanent double-sided foam squares (1" x 1") between the suction cup & the glass to ensure a secure attachment. We needed to use 4 squares to fill up the concavity of the cup. These squares are permanent thus if you ever see the need to remove these, adhesive remover will be required. And prior to using these squares, test out & position the unit by just using the suction cup as is, then after you finalize an ideal location, use the squares.

  • Home Lighting Messenger Drivemocion :  
    (#DRIVEMOCION)  Drivemocion - clear front version
    (#DRIVEMOCIONS)  Drivemocion Skin - detachable
     NOTE: May not be legal in all states. Check your local laws before use.

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