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Shoots Up To 20 Feet of Flames!
This sizzling product can make up to 20 feet of flames shoot from your exhaust tips with a touch of a button! The kit’s main control box can control 2 spark plugs for optimal performance on dual-exhaust vehicles. Easy installation and detailed instructions ensure compatibility with most exhaust systems. The kit includes a control box, activation button, wire loom, and wiring diagram. The kit does not include the 2 coils and 2 spark plugs needed for complete installation. These kits are designed for carbureted vehicles, but can be used on fuel injected vehicles with additional modifications and parts.

NOTE: Please note this kit is for recreational use only. The Hoffman Group and Sigma Automotive are not responsible for property damage or injuries caused by this kit.

Key Features:

  • Shoots up to 20' flames
  • Works on single or dual exhaust systems depending on models
  • Made in the USA
  • Professional installation recommended
Universal Design
Autoloc's™ advanced flame control architecture allows for the unit to work on all gas-powered vehicles, which is ideal for vehicles with carburetors or fuel injection systems.

Built-in Safety Cover
Autoloc's™ built-in safety switch cover guaranties you and your vehicles safety from accidental firing. Unlike other systems on the market that can be triggered by accidentally pushing the button, or dropping something direct on the button.

What The Pros Use
When it comes to the best the pros always choose Autoloc™ Flame Thrower Kits as seen on all major TV shows and movies.

Easy Installation
Autoloc™ advance flame control system makes installation a snap on all vehicles. Autoloc's unique plug n play harness and flame control output reduces wiring and installation time. Step by step detailed instructions are also included to make installation a breeze, even for the weekend mechanic.


Q. Can the smoke screen kit be used with the flame thrower kit or is it one or the other?
A. Both the smoke screen kit and the flame kit can be installed at the same and also work at the same time.

Q. Will this system work on earlier model cars with basic ignition systems?
A. This kit will work on all types of gasoline powered engines (trucks, cars, and bikes).

Q. Where do I get the coil from?
A. You can purchase a coil & spark plug from your local car parts store. Any canister style ignition coil should work. As for the spark plugs you want to get the one with the longest threaded shaft.

Q. Should you have a special exhaust?
A. No special exhaust is needed. You are required to remove your catalytic converter if you have one.

Q. Does it burn gas or propane?
A. The kit is designed to burn unburnt fuel from your engine but it can easily be changed to burn NOS or propane. When you rev your engine you push the button and it will emit a short burst of flame.

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