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Aftermarket LED DRL (Daytime Running Lights):

DRL used to be a nuisance when they first came out as car makers utilized full-intensity low beams as DRL. Later on, they use partial-intensity low beams (e.g. 50% of full intensity) but still, such autonomous on/off takes a toll on the low beam halogen bulbs and confuses onlookers to think that drivers have forgotten to switch off headlights during daytime driving. Later on with more and more factory-equipped HID headlights that renders partial-intensity low beams unfeasible, car makers wised up and turned to multi-tasking parking lights as DRL. But that is outdated. With Audi's (and later on other German makes) successful applying LED as ornamental / supplemental DRL, LED light strips and lamps as DRL are the hottest trends since 2011.

Apart from the aforementioned aesthetic a.k.a. cool factor, the safety benefits of having a vehicle with DRL are presented in numerous studies from around the world. The greatest safety increase is with offset frontal impacts, commonly occuring when a driver turns onto a side street crossing the path of an oncoming vehicle. Studies have shown as much as a 38% reduction in offset frontal impacts as a result of DRL, hence the mandatory requirement of DRL-equipped vehicles in several countries and states. Check with your insurance agency to see if they can apply discounts due to DRL.

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VLine Universal LED Light Strip - for supplemental light output & looks. 3 functional patterns.

Home Lighting LED DRL :  

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