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arodrive - Air Aroma Car Diffuser
Stay alert whilst driving and enjoy the many benefits of 100% pure essential oils. Air Aroma has carefully selected a range of essential oil blends for the arodrive car diffuser. A sleek and elegant diffuser, that fits in most cars. The purpose of this arodrive diffuser is to relief some of the problems we all experience whilst driving in today’s hectic traffic like, pollution, stress and tiredness. On long journeys, the most common problem is falling asleep behind the wheel, the rosemary eucalyptus blend can reduce that risk.

Air Aroma car diffuser with 5ml 100% pure essential oil blends for the arodrive car diffuser. 12-volt plugs into the cigarette lighter of all cars. Built in safety fuse to prevent any shorting out or blowing fuses. Heat retardant plastic with special metallic plating manufactured to prevent any toxic out gassing of plastic and will not allow essential oils to break down the plastic or mix with it while diffusing. Unit uses convection to draw up and warm the air as it passes through the pad to diffuse the oil. Three stage switch on lower side of diffuser for on/off, medium and high output. LED indicates which level is selected.

Benefits of arodrive car diffuser:
  • Refreshing
  • Reducing stress
  • Staying alert
  • Detrimental effects of conventional air freshener:
  • Potential carcinogenic chemicals
  • Merely masks odors
  • Un-environmental chemicals
  • essential oils for your enjoyment
    Produced in plants as a result of photosynthesis, essential oils can be stored in different areas of the plant. Plant parts where essential oils are stored include: petals, flowers, fruit rind, twigs, leaves, heartwood androots. They perform an array of survival related functions within plants and this includes the detectable plant fragrance. The extraction of essential oils is via distillation usually within hours of harvesting. Aromatic plants, herbs and spices have been used for medicine and perfume for centuries. Essential oils are a pure plant extract. They do not contain any chemical additives. For commercial reasons some companies adulterate essential oils in order to improve, extend or dilute them.

    To know you are getting the top grade essential oil, it is important to know whether they have been quality control tested. The Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry testing methods are able to trace the minute traces of adulteration. The Air Aroma essential oils are all quality control tested this way. Every oil, every shipment, so our customers can rest assured that it is the real thing.

    Essential oils are volatile. This means they readily evaporate as airborne molecules when exposed to air. All essential oil volatiles have antibacterial properties. Many laboratory tests have clearly demonstrated that essential oils are extremely effective in killing a range of bacteria and disabling viruses. The diffusion of essential oils using the Air Aroma diffusers is powerful weapon against air borne pathogens.

    the benefits
    The inhalation of essential oils is beneficial for the body both physiologically via the lungs and psychologically via the sense of smell. The unique carbon molecules of essential oils have a wide variety of therapeutic benefits that can be enjoyed.

    These benefits vary between plant species. Some of the known properties include:

  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • nervine ­ calming for nervous disorders and stress
  • sedative ­ sleep inducing
  • immuno - stimulant
  • promotes a sense of emotional and physical wellbeing
  • expectorant and decongestant ­ for respiratory disorders
  • stimulating concentration and mental activity

    Directions Put 2 - 5 drops of essential oil onto the pad & insert into the arodrive diffuser. As the pad is warmed, fragrance spreads to the car interior. 2 settings to control intensity of fragrance strength. Selected by Japanese auto makers like Toyota/Lexus as official factory accessories.


  • Essential oils 'combat superbug' - Tests of new machine at a hospital have found it could be effective in the battle against the superbug MRSA. - > Read Full Article Here

  • Home Safety Air Purification Air-Aroma arodrive :  
    (#AAARODRIVE)  arodrive - imported from Australia
    (#AAESSOIL)  Essential Oil - Made in Australia, 5mL vials, 100% natural
    (#AAPADS)  Pads - 5x refills
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