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  • Prius 2010+ (ZVW30) Performance, Handling & Electronic Accessories -

  • Many of the following exhausts are incompatible w/ factory Rear Under Spoiler - which is present in ALL US Prius, this RUS can be removed though. Please also note the following table which relates JDM to US packages. But error may occur & we're not responsible for any incompatibility. Don't take this as gospel. Buyer beware. No refund & no cancellation if incompatibility occurs.

    ~ Suspension:
    Please specify your Prius original factory wheel size (not your aftermarket upgraded/upsized size). While US Prius has one type of suspension regardless of wheel size. In Japan, the new Prius has 3 different front shocks, 2 different front springs, 3 different rear shocks & 1 rear spring between its 6 packages. CRAZY! The only safe upgrade kit to order is the TRD Sportivo Suspension right now.
    - TRD Sportivo Suspension
    - RS*R Suspension Set
    - TEIN Super Street Damper
    - RS*R Ti2000 Low-down Springs
    - Modellista Lowering Springs
    - Espelir Low-down Springs
    - Tanabe Sustec DF210 Coil Springs
    - Tanabe Sustec NF210 Coil Springs
    - BLITZ Super Flex Suspension
    - HKS Hipermax Smart Suspension
    - GReddy BL Comfort Down Spring
    - BLITZ Damper ZZ-R
    - TommyKaira Suspension Set
    - TOM'S Advox Suspension Set
    - TANABE Sustec Pro NF Kit
    ~ Handling:
    Did you know that JDM & US-Spec Prius (regardless of packages) come only with front sway bar? Hence it's extra beneficial to strenghten its chassis. Some underbody bars may or may not rub against US Prius due to the slightly different exhaust design. Most of these bars are designed for JDM right-hand-drive (unless specified otherwise) so some modifications may be required to make them fit; like relocating the brake fluid reservoir, etc.
    - CUSCO Strengthening Bars
    - CUSCO Stabilizer
    - Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar
    - Tanabe Sustec Under Brace
    - Tanabe Sustec Stabilizer
    - TOM'S Sports Brake Pads
    - eco SECRET Sports Brake Pads
    - GReddy Strut Tower Bar
    - TOM'S Upper Performance Rod
    - TOM'S Member Brace
    - TOM'S Body Brace
    ~ Performance:
    Please note that some minor trimming on rear bumper or bending on exhaust maybe required as these are genuine JDM exhausts, which had not been tested on US Prius. Buyer beware. When buying exhaust upgrade for the Prius, apart from the usual improvements like power gain, looks, fuel economy, etc., there's an added bonus - SAFETY! As much as we like 100% electrical Prius w/ zero noise pollution, reality told us that the Prius must make 'some' noise for other pedestrians to be aware of us. An inconvenience indeed but reality nevertheless. Many JDM exhausts listed below will not fit Prius with JDM rear bumper spoiler like the Styling Pkg A, etc.
    - eco SECRET Titanium Muffler
    - TOM'S Exhaust
    - K&N Replacement Air Filter
    - HKS Legal Exhaust
    - GReddy Comfort Sports Oval Exhaust
    - GReddy Beat Max TI Exhaust
    - Ganador Pasion P.B.S. Exhaust
    - Ganador Pasion Titan P.B.S. Exhaust
    - BLITZ SUS Power Air Cleaner
    - TommyKaira Intake Hose
    - TOM'S Air Filter
    - Tanabe Medalion eR Tune Muffler
    - A'PEXi Hybrid Evolution Exhaust
    ~ Electronics:
    - Reverse Tilt Module
    - TRD Push Start Switch
    - Corner Sensor
    - BLU Logic Hands-free System
    - iPod Interface
    - Vehicle Intrusion Program
    - XM Satellite Radio
    - Engine Block Heater
    - Remote Engine Start
    ~ Engine:
    - ENEOS Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil
    - BLITZ Racing Oil Filler Cap
    - TRD Oil Filler Cap
    - TRD Fuel Cap Cover
    - HKS Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs
    - TRD US Oil Cap
    - TRD US Oil Filter
    - Toyota USB Interface Kit
    - Toyota Proximity Sound Alarm
    ~ Lighting:
    The table below shows what US Prius come with. The items below the table are lighting upgrades. Check with your local laws to make sure these upgrades are legal. By default, all lighting upgrades are for offroad & show use only.
      Non-LED Model LED Model
    Low Beam H11 Halogen (55w), projector 2x LED projectors (20.2w) +
    1x LED parabolic cylinder (10.1w)
    High Beam HB3/9005 Halogen (60w), reflector
    Fog Light H11 Halogen (55w)
    Color OE Halogen = 3,800~4,200K (est.) / OE LED = 5,000~5,500K (est.)
    - H.I.D., Halogen & L.E.D. Upgrade
    - TRD H.I.D. Headlamp Kit
    - TRD Turn Signal Bulb
    - TOM'S H.I.D. Kit
    - TOM'S L.E.D. Kit

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    NOTE: JDM parts come only w/ Japanese instructions. All for off-road & show use only. No guarantee JDM parts will fit US-spec Prius. 100% pre-payment required. No cancellation once order is placed. Takes 3~5 weeks for delivery. See JDM Calendar for order deadline.

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