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  • Prius 2010+ (ZVW30) Exterior Accessories -

  • 2010 US Colors:

    (8T5) Blue Ribbon Metallic / 8V1 Winter Gray Metallic* / 070 Blizzard Pearl / 1F7 Classic Silver Metallic / 202 Black / (3R3) US Barcelone Red Metallic / 4T8 Sandy Beach Metallic*
    2010 JDM Colors:

    (040) Super White II* / (070) Blizzard Pearl / (1F7) Classic Silver Metallic / (202) Black / (3R3) JDM Red Mica Metallic / (783) Aqua Blue Metallic* / (8T5) Blue Ribbon Metallic / (8V0) Iceberg Silver Mica Metallic*
    (* = exclusive regional colors for ZVW30)

    NOTE: Pre-painted in your designated JDM color doesn't necessarily mean 100% perfect match with your Prius' actual color. You have to factor in your car's wear-n-tear, sun UV-damage, etc. JDM 3R3 (red) seems to be different (brighter yet less metallic) from US 3R3 (red) despite the identical color code! Also, many of the following rear bumper spoilers are incompatible w/ aftermarket exhausts like those made by TOM's, Ganador, etc. All US ZVW30 Prius packages already come with factory Rear Under Spoiler, which must be removed in order to install non-factory (aftermarket) exhaust systems. Last but not least, every time your order involves a long item like Side Skirt, freight is jacked up much higher than what our cart quotes you thus additional freight will be requested by us in a separate email. You can of course deny our request & cancel your order before we submit to Japan.

    Please also note the following table which relates JDM to US packages. But error may occur & we're not responsible for any incompatibility. Don't take this as gospel. Buyer beware. No refund & no cancellation if incompatibility occurs.

    OVERSIZE items that include front bumper (half, full, and add-on), side skirt, rear bumper, etc. WILL require additional freight or other price adjustments IN ADDITION TO the freight that is quoted & charged by our shopping cart. You should email us first before ordering oversize body kits. Please note that any Customs fees/duties/taxes are also your responsbility and are not included in the final freight that we charge you.

     JDM ↓ 
    - Styling Package Ver.A 
    - Styling Package Plated Ver. 
    - TRD Sportivo Ver. Front Aero Spat 
    - TRD TF4 
    - TRD Sportivo Emblem 
    - Photocatalytic Mirror 
    - Door Edge Guard Resin 
    - Door Edge Guard Stainless 
    - Window Visor 
    - License Security Bolts 
    - Wheel Security Bolts 
    - Wheel Lock 
    - Triangular Warning Sign 
    - Fireproof Car Cover 
    - Snow Cap 
    - Steel Alloy Tire Chain 
    - Corner Marker Pole 
    - Signal Mirror Covers
    - Auto-Folding Mirror Module
    - Oversize JDM Steel Rear Wiper
    - TRD Carbon Pillar Garnish Set
    - GReddy x NICOStyle Aero Kit
    - A-CORO Carbon Wing
    - JDM LED DRL-Fog Lights
     Modellista ↓ 
    - Modellista Aero Tourer
    - Modellista Ver.1 
    - Modellista Ver.2 
    - Modellista Silver Garnish 
    - Modellista Mirror Covers 
    - Modellista Fog Garnish 
    - Modellista Vortex Spoiler 
     eco SECRET ↓ 

    NOTE: FRP = Fiber-Reinforced Plastic. It's typically cheaper than Carbon (carbon fiber), which is stronger & lighter. Both FRP & Carbon are better than regular fiber glass or ABS, of course. Many of these eco SECRET parts are affixed to your Prius via clips, screws & adhesive tapes. So expect to drill holes onto your Prius body. Also, the 2 Rear Diffuesrs may need to be shaved (i.e. minor modifications) as they rub against each other a lil'.
    - eco SECRET Front Lip Spoiler
    - eco SECRET Side Step
    - eco SECRET Rear Side Diffuser
    - eco SECRET Rear Under Diffuser
    - eco SECRET Rear Spoiler Tail
    - eco SECRET Fog Lamp Surround
    - eco SECRET Tow Hook Front
    - eco SECRET Tow Hook Rear
     KENSTYLE ↓ 
    - KENSTYLE Aero
    - LED Optical Axis Adjuster
    - KENSTYLE Aero 2
     TOM'S ↓ 
    - TOM'S Front Spoiler
    - TOM'S Side Skirt
    - TOM'S Rear Under Spoiler
    - TOM'S EP-2 Wheel
    - TOM'S TN-08 Wheel
    - TOM'S Carbon Fiber Short Antenna
    - TOM'S Bonnet Damper
     OE & Misc. ↓ 
    - Rear Bumper Applique 
    - Lower Rocker Molding 
    - Hybrid Sticker 
    - Rear Bumper Rubber Protector
    - Body Side Molding
    - WeatherTech Window Deflectors

    NOTE: If you have a Prius V w/ Advanced Technology Pkg, your front emblem is also a radar unit & this whole assembly costs more than $800! You cannot change just the front emblem for this model.

    - Heat Blue Emblem
    - Splash Gold Emblem
    - Splash Blue Emblem
    - Black Chrome Emblem
    - Gold Emblem
    - Heat Blue Cap Emblem
    - Emblem Solid Plate
    - Grade Emblem
    - Hybrid Blue Emblem
    - Color Plate Base
    - Chrome Rear Garnish
    - LED Front Signal & Fog Bezel
    - LED Signal Lamp
    - Synergy Blue Lamps (mirror signal, front signal, tail light)
    - LED Synergy Blue Signal Lamps
    - LED Synergy Blue Front Signal Lamp & Fog Bezel
    - Red & Clear Tail Lens Unit
    - Premium Blue Emblem Set
    - Bluish Black Lineup
    - VG Shark Fin Antenna
    -Chromogenic Muffler Extension
    - Pro Carbon Emblem Makeover
    -OE Fog Light
    -Hood Deflector
    -INNO Roof Rack System
    -Class I Receiver Hitch
    - ENKEI k-eco Wheel
    - PIAA Euro Tech S6-R+e2 Wheel
    - OE Mud Guard (F&R)
    - TommyKaira Side Stripe Ver2
    - TommyKaira Front Grille
    - TommyKaira Headlight Garnish
    - TommyKaira Roof Spoiler
    - TommyKaira Illumination Emblem
    - TommyKaira Illumination Emblem Red
    - GRAZIO Synergy Relief Upgrade Back
    - GRAZIO Shark Fin Antenna
    - GRAZIO LED Signal & Fog Bezel
    - GRAZIO Rear Spoiler
    - GRAZIO Rear Panel Garnish
    - GRAZIO Door Mirror Covers
    - GRAZIO Door Handles
    - GRAZIO Synergy Relief Upgrade Sides

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    NOTE: JDM parts come only w/ Japanese instructions. All for off-road & show use only. No guarantee JDM parts will fit US-spec Prius. 100% pre-payment required. No cancellation once order is placed. Takes 3~5 weeks for delivery. See JDM Calendar for order deadline.

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