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Mobile Signal Amplifier (Enhancer)

Do you ever ponder over one or more of the followings?

  • Tired of sporadic dropped calls?
  • Worry about phone electromagnetic radiation (EMR) & its possible link to brain tumors & other illnesses?
  • Got reception dead spots in your territory & commmute route? *
  • Got interference from other emitting towers & the latest fad called mobile phone jammers?
  • Want to go green by prolonging your phone battery's run time & overall lifespan?
Then you definitely need our Mobile Signal Amplifiers (a.k.a. Signal Boosters) in your vehicles as well as in your office/home!

Frustrated cell phone users will appreciate the increased signal strength and reduced number of dropped calls with our in-vehicle Cellular Signal Enhances (hello AT&T?!).

With at least 10 times the signal strength, users will experience many more miles of uninterrupted service. Another key feature is that certain models are wireless, meaning there's no physical connection between the system and the user's cell phone.

* DISCLAIMER: You must have at least a 'weak' signal for the amps to amplify. These amps cannot magically create a non-existent signal from a dead zone, although they will noticeably minimize the size of this dead zone. For in-building use, please face the amp's front side towards the nearest cell tower & that your phone is within 5 ~ 10' from the amp. To find out the locations of the towers in your area, please use this site:

With a stronger reception, your phone's radiation actually DECREASES & its battery is conserved, prolonging usage time & battery lifespan as a result! They are the next best thing to airtube handsfree headset (not any handsfree headset which actually acts as an antenna & raises EMR by 300%!) in terms of avoiding mobile radiation. In the latest Israeli report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology (dated Dec 7th, 2007), it says: The risk was still higher if users clamped the phone to the same ear, did not use hands-free devices, or were in rural areas. Unfortunately, either this AFP article or the abstract of the said report in the US journal, or both, interpret such data wong by suggesting: "... conditions that may yield higher levels of exposure (eg heavy use in rural areas) showed consistently elevated risks...". How can you find heavier use of mobile phones in the rural areas than in high density urban areas where nearly every soul has a phone in its possession? This elevated risk should be due to the WEAKER signal in the rural areas, which boosts up the reception strength (i.e. radiation) of the mobile phones.

NOTE: Please note that not all mobile signal amplifiers work the same. Ours repeat the ambient signal thus preventing your phone from revving up its power from the normal 0.6 watts in order to over-compensate for the weak signal strength. As a result, radiation is minimized & regulated. This is the type that you want. Other brands actually tricks your phone into operating at full 3 watts (maximum FCC-allowed level) to output stronger to the towers so it seems like you're getting a better signal, this is the type that will raise your phone output radiation & you should avoid this type by all means! Power absorbed in the head of a cellular phone user is shown in the below 3 images. From left to right: front view, top view, dimensional view.


The added benefit of utilizing external antenna: RF radiation actually gets intensified inside your vehicle! Most vehicles (except convertible) these days have metal roofs, have electronic wires running all throughout them, and metallic tinted glass, thus they act as aconcentrating reflectors; amplifying RF density like a microwave by not letting the RF radiation escape. Fortunately, the external antenna in our mobile amps transport the RF radiation outside the vehicle to prevent amplification of the microwave effect. Below LEFT pic shows currents flowing on a vehicle with an antenna located INSIDE the vehicle. Below RIGHT pic shows an external antenna that eliminates the aforementioned dangerous microwave exposure.


To summarize, a Mobile Signal Amp setup aids in minimizing cell phone radiation exposure by:

  1. As ambient signal is sufficient, the amp repeats the signal & your phone power (radiation) remains low.
  2. As ambient signal is weak, the amp repeats the signal and with the help with the integrated regulator, will still never allow your phone to generate more power than it normally would (thus prevent dangerous full wattage operation). This is the main difference between our system & other brands.
  3. Our amps will not generate any additional radiation themselves.
  4. The remote-mount rear antenna is where all of the signal strength comes from, so it is beneficial to place it as far away from humans as possible. Remember that the the phone talks to the amp, then the amp's antenna talks to the tower.

More links regarding mobile phone radiation's link to tumors & other potential health issues can be read here:

With an increase in signal strength, the chance of your call being jammed by evil-doers may be somewhat lessened. However, we are neither guaranteeing nor implying any of our products as jammer neutralizers.

These plug-n-play systems often come with everything you need to improve your cellular signal. They will increase cell phone signal strength to dramatically improve cell phone reliability, reception range and call clarity.

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