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  • Universal Backup Cameras

    NOTE: Unless specified otherwise, all backup cameras capture video in "Reverse Imaging" mode by default. Reverse Imaging means objects on the right of the vehicle appear on the right when looking at the monitor, i.e.: Image directly matches the reverse mirrors you have in your vehicle.

  • MITO VN2225 - Newest 2010 2-view camera with programmable parking grid. NTSC Color CMOS camera with lens distortion correction, bird view and parking line. Super night vision CMOS. Adjustable parking guide line function. Mirror & normal version switch. 30 fps. Size: 23.4mm x 23.4mm x 21.2mm (H). Image sensor: 1/4" CMOS sensor (VGA). Viewing angle: D:160°/H:133°/V:109°. Operating temperature: -40°C~+85°C. Mininum illumination: 1 Lux. Power supply: DC9V~36V.
     (#VN2225) - camera only
    MITO VN2218 - This very versatile backup camera mounts literally anywhere. 150° color CMOS camera of dimensions 23.4(w) x 23.4(h) x 28.8(l) mm. Specs: Pixels: NTSC 720(H)*486(V) / Sensor: 1/4" CMOS Color Sensor / Sync. System: Internal / Resolution: 300 TVL / Minimum illumination: 20 IRE / 2 LUX / S/N ratio: More than 43dB / Gamma correction: 0.45 / Gain control: AGC / Video output: 1.0Vp-p composite video. 75(OHM) load / Operation temp: -20C TO 70C / Operational humidity: Within85% RH / Supply voltage: DC12V (+/-5%) , 80mA(Max) / Water Proof: IP 68 / View Angle: D150 H136 V115. Also included: Video 6M (power module), 2M video & power mixed cable wire w/ phone jack connector.
     (#VN2218) - camera only
    ReverseGUARD - This is a complete camera + sensor system in license plate form. 4x ultrasound sensors to give audible PLUS 1x state-of-the-art camera system for visual warnings. This system will interface with most navigation system or an optional visual display. This is the only sensor + camera system that is on the market today. Camera is reverse-imaging. To purchase & for more info, please visit ReverseGUARD dedicated page: ReverseGUARD
     (#RGxx)  ReverseGUARD - sensor + camera system
    BOYO - For Adjustable camera so you can point them up for a higher viewing area, or your can point them down for some trucks with a higher bumper than normal or to look directly at the ball of a hitch. High sensitive 1/3" DSP Color CCD built-in / 380 TV Lines for all models except VTL400 & VTL420 which output at 420 TV Lines Horizontal Resolution / Remarkably True Color reproduction / Remarkable low Lux performance of 0.3 Lux at F2.0 / Excellent Auto White Balance / Waterproof(IP67) Reverse Image. For detailed specs, photos & manuals for each model, please click on the eye icon, then click on License Plate Camera & choose your model.
     (#20-VTLxx0)  BOYO
    i-CAM - 30 ultra wide angle CCD color camera. Designed for vehicles which license plate location is centered and above the level of the rear bumper. Reverse imaging means objects on the right of the vehicle appear on the right when looking at the monitor. In chrome or matte black. 1/3" CCD sensor / Pixels: NTSC 512x492, 330TVL / Video Output: 1.0 V P-P Composite (75 Ohm load) / Dim: 12.5" (W) x 7" (H) x 1.8" (D) / Power: DC 12V 180mA / Lux: 1.0 Rated
     (#20-LP100)  i-CAM - camera only
    Bullet Cam - The Bullet Cams are to be installed onto the sides of Motor Homes. Then they are hooked up with the turn signal indicator to turn on the left or the right camera. It is highly recommended to use a DC 12V regulated power supply with this unit to ensure of safe & long time operation. Reverse image by default. It can be converted into forward imaging if you cut a green wire when installing it, this disables the reverse image function. Please note that if you cut it, you keep it. Each cam comes with mounting bracket, black shroud, hardware kit). Also available as an option is the Turn Signal Video Switching Box 20-VS001 which can accept up to 6 inputs. Best to be used with Gentex Display Mirror. More info on the Video Switcher.
     (#20-RVSS36)  Bullet Cam - camera only
     (#20-VS001)  Video Switcher - for above

  • Universal Forward Cameras
  • GoPro - The GoPro Motorsports HERO is a waterproof mini wireless digital video camera for motorsports. Its quick-release design simplifies click-mounting the camera to your car, motorcycle, helmet, etc. Developed at the track, the Motorsports HERO shoots TV resolution 30 fps video with sound tuned to capture the grunt, squeel, and stoke of driving at the limit. Records 56 min. of video to a 2GB SD card (not included). 2 AAA batteries. To purchase & for more info, please visit our sister site: GoPro Camera
     (#GMHW30)  GoPro
    Thermal Imaging Cameras - Breaking new ground, our new 2008 line of Thermal Imager up-fitter system is the world's first automotive thermal imaging driving aid of its kind. Be one of the first to have the unique ability to See the Unseen. Originally developed for the military, Thermal Imaging technology measures heat signatures and creates an electronic image of everything in view. To purchase & for more info, please visit this page: Thermal Imager
     (#RAYND)  Thermal Imager

  • Complete Systems (i.e.: camera + monitor + harness, etc.)
  • MITO / Gentex Universal RCD + Tailgate Camera Kit - includes Gentex reputable 3.5" RCD mirror + complete universal wire harness + universal tailgate-mount backup camera. As long as you can drill a 1-1/16th" hole onto your tailgate bevel (note: sheet metal), you're good to use this universal complete kit. Camera unplugs too for the removal of tailgate if necessary. NOTE: Start w/ a 1" hole first & then gradually expand that to fit the camera. The camera can rotate a good 180° during placement so that you can even mount this upside down. Click on the eye icon to see it mounted flushed.
     (#50-GENKxx)  - full system
    Audiovox Wireless Rear Observation System - Back-up Safety? Bring the Blind Zone Back Into View. Avoid injury to a family member or pet, and even damage to your vehicle, with this safety-first convenience product. Our ACA250 comes with License Plate Camera and 2.5" LCD monitor that is completely Do-It-Yourself. So there are No Excuses why you can't have a safety and convenience system. Also features automatic low-light vision asist for better viewing. Read its manual here.
    • Designed for DIY installation
    • Complete system includes license plate camera, monitor and all required items to install
    • 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter eliminates the need to run wires through the vehicle
    • Automatically turns on when the vehicle is put into reverse
    • 110° wide angle camera for better viewing
     (#ACA250) - full system. Temporarily unavailable.
    XOVision Wireless Rearview Monitoring System - This unit features the latest in wireless technology to ensure easy installation and reliable quality. Includes a 2.5" LCD Monitor and a wireless backup camera that easily mounts on your existing license plate eliminating the need for any cutting (screws and all installation accessories included). Unlike the other wireless Back-up systems in the market, this unit features 12 LED sensors built into the camera providing a Night Vision image under dark conditions. This means that your visibility will not be hindered by limited light. The camera is simply installed by mounting it over your existing license plate with the provided screws. The camera is then powered via the existing Reverse lights on the vehicle eliminating the need for lengthy wires or complicated installation. The diagram depicts the two power cables which are easily installed into the existing reverse lights in a matter of minutes (5-10 minutes). The LCD Monitor plugs directly into the cigarette lighter with the included cigarette lighter adaptor and can be mounted almost anywhere including clipping onto the air condition vents, mounting on the visor or dashboard etc. The camera will automatically activate when the car goes into Reverse. That means that you don't have to press anything: Simply shift your car into reverse and your LCD monitor will automatically turn on. The Night Vision is also automatically activated based on weather conditions. The only time you will spend on this unit is the few minutes it will take you to install it - after that, you're all set!
    • 2.5" LCD Enhanced Clarity Display
    • Weatherproof Backup Camera with Night Vision
    • 110 horizontal view and 80 vertical view
    • Equipped with Reverse Voltage Protection
    • Everything needed to install and mount the monitor is Included
    • Direct Installation onto existing license plate frame
    • Auto-On via Reverse
     (#RM800HT) - full system. No longer available.
    Perimeter View M1 Multi-Camera/Monitor System - This new 2009 system integrates: (A) a 7" automotive grade color LCD monitor panel, including 3x weather-tight DIN + 1x RCA camera inputs, and switching box, (B) a rear LED camera (good for even night time use) and (C) two side mount color, rear facing, left and right, turn signal cameras. All connections are pinned, screw-in, automotive grade, non-corrosive, and water resistant with no metal. Ideal for Govn't, commercial, HVAC & other transportation vehicles. All components are for this M1 system use only as once again, this system uses DIN (6-pin) in place of RCA connections with the exception of 1x RCA video input.
    Swift Hitch - This is a portable wireless color camera system. It comes with built in NIGHT VISON that is used to hitch up your enclosed trailer, camper, snowplow, boat trailer, horse trailer or anything to your vehicle fast in 3 easy steps. Mount the magnetic camera on your tail gate, View yourself backing up and then HITCH UP. Other uses can include: electrical, construction, chimney sweep, plumber, HVAC, mechanic, RV owners, hunters, boaters, marine surveyors, home surveyors, etc.
     (#RSV1)  Swift Hitch - complete system $0299

    Home Safety Backup Camera Universal Camera & System :  
     NOTE: Please include your vehicle year, make & model even when ordering universal models.

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