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STOP Photo Radar in its Tracks … With our Patented Photo Radar BLOCKER!

Tired of the “cash-grab” known as photo radar? Hate checking your mail only to be surprised with a pricey ticket for something you were completely unaware of doing?

You never have to experience this again after purchasing and installing the Anti Photo Radar Club!

Here’s How It Works:

The majority of Photo Radar Cameras are stationed on the right hand side of the road, and acquire the photo on a 20 degree angle. This is true for both speeding situations as well as red light intersections. When your motor vehicle passes by and violates a photo radar “speeding” device or goes through an intersection controlled by a photo radar ” red light “camera device, only a portion of your license plate is captured and photographed. The photo radar blocker prevents the last 1 or 2 digits (numbers or letters) from being photographed. The license plate will be unfound, and be rejected by the computerized system that issues the mail out tickets. Works for both Red Light and Speed Cameras that are positioned on the right hand side of the road

This prevents your entire license plate from being captured by a photo radar camera and makes it impossible for the enforcement of the traffic tickets. The Anti Photo Radar Club:
  • Is a simple 2-piece design
  • Made of a no-break polypropylene plastic – extremely bendable and durable for life
  • Assembles in seconds
  • Can be spray-painted to match any vehicle bumper color (discreet and aesthetic)
  • 8 mounting holes to fit ANY size licence plate in the world (motorcycles, trailers, Int'l plates, etc.)
  • Effectively BLOCKS the last digit of your license plate
  • Reliability of the Photo Radar Cameras is in question. Many fines have been reimbursed due to faulty systems. This product will save the driver from taking the day off work in order to dispute a wrongfully issued ticket.
  • Some feel Photo Radar is an invasion of one’s privacy, documenting where they are going and who they are with.
  • Photo Radar is marketed with a “disguise” for safety, but the real motivation is money.
  • Licence plate remains 100% visible from the rear

Note: There are no markings on this product to indicate it is an Anti Photo radar device.

This product also duplicates as a Licence Plate Protector. It prevents the exhaust fumes, dirt, dust and snow from accumulating on the rear license plate, so it remains clean and visible as required by law. This Licence Plate Protector keeps your licence plate clean and still allows the licence plate to be 100% visible from the rear of the vehicle. Moreover, bent portion of product can be labelled with any business logo – used as a marketing tool.

CAUTION: This product will not work for Overhead Photo Radar or Toll Bridge cameras.

NOTE: Disclaimer - MUST READ
->: Below is our disclaimer for the AntiPhotoRadarClub.
AntiPhotoRadarClub is offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance, without modification, of the terms, conditions and notices contained herein. Purchase, installation and/or use of this product implies acceptance of all such terms conditions and notices. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not purchase, use or install the AntiPhotoRadarClub. AntiPhotoRadarClub is offered to you strictly as a novelty accessory. AntiPhotoRadarClub is not for unlawful or prohibited use. It is your responsibility to determine AntiPhotoRadarClub’s appropriateness and legal status based on where you live and drive. Consult with your own counsel to determine the appropriateness and legality in your area. Nothing contained herein is intended as legal advice. No warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is made regarding the legality, safety or performance of AntiPhotoRadarClub. The entire risk as to the legality, safety and performance of the product is with the buyer. In no event shall AntiPhotoRadarClub, Sigma Automotive, Monolith Int'l Trading, it’s distributors, wholesalers or retailers be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages, or any other damages whatsoever arising out of, or connected with, the purchase, installation, use or misuse of this product. Buyer assumes all risks and liability from the use of this product. AntiPhotoRadarClub is a novelty accessory and is not intended to encourage traffic law violations, speeding or unsafe driving. Always drive safe and remember, do not speed and do not run red lights as this endangers your life and the lives of those around you.

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