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PhotoBlocker Spray - A high gloss, clear finish spray designed to reflect photo radar flash. Spray it and make your license plate invisible to cameras. It causes no distortion adn is undefectable to the naked eye from a distance. Proven to beat photo radar and red light cameras. The majority, 95% of photo enforcement cameras use flash at some point when taking pictures. It is great for those areas where you cannot use license plate covers. Every time it works it will save you hundreds of dollars in fines. Independently tested by FOX NEWS and Denver Police Department.


  • REFLECTS photo radar flash, helping to prevent a costly ticket!
  • FAST spray-on formula is easily applied in minutes!
  • INVISIBLE to the naked eye, only you will know it is on your vehicle!
  • EXCLUSIVE formula! Good for up to FOUR plates.
  • BEST alternative for those areas where you can't use an anti-radar license plate cover!
  • One application of PhotoBlocker is good for life. Will not wash off, will not fade, nor will it dissolve away.

    How does "PHOTOBLOCKER" work?
    Photo radar cameras often utilize a strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car as it speeds by. "PHOTO BLOCKER's" special formula works to reflect the flash back to the camera. The result is an overexposed and unreadable picture, often preventing a costly ticket.

    01. Remove plate. Place flat.
    02. Spray PhotoBlocker evenly until surface is totally saturated. Let dry and repeat 2-3 times until plate is very glossy.
    03. Let it dry for about 2 hours. Should be good for life!

  • PhotoShield Cover - Our PhotoShield is a patent pending high quality clear cover. Incorporating a thin diffusion lens, designed to defeat both photo radar and the red light overhead cameras! Our design is effective, inconspicuous and defeats all cameras!

    IMPROVED lens design works to absorb and diffuse incoming laser beams from laser guns, helping to prevent an accurate reading. AVOID COSTLY TICKETS!


  • Provides a clear non-yellowing cover.
  • Covers ALL camera angles.
  • Protects against red-light cameras and photo radar.
  • Uses light bending technology, making it very inconspicuous .
  • Features an adjustable lens, excellent for personalized plates .
  • Eludes most police officers who can not tell you have it on.

    Note: Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this cover in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in their area of vehicle use.

    For 100% protection use the PhotoBlocker™ Spray in conjunction with PhotoShield™ Cover. The Spray will defeat the cameras that use flash and the PhotoShield cover will defeat the cameras that do not use flash.
    Other PhotoBlocker products:
    PhotoShield Cover for Motorcycles - Designed to defeat ALL the camera angles. It protects you against cameras mounted high over-head, on poles, bridges, overpasses, vans and side angles as well. So stealthy, most cops won't even know you have it on. This is the best selling product we carry. Get one before you get a $300 ticket in the mail.

    Home Miscellaneous PhotoBlocker :  
     (#PBSPRAY)   PhotoBlocker Spray - Good for up to 4 plates, use with PhotoShield Cover for best results $ 29
     (#PBPSCOV)   PhotoShield Cover - 1-pk, use with PhotoBlocker Spray $ 25
     (#PBPSCOVM)   PhotoShield Cover for Motorcycles - 1-pk, use with PhotoBlocker Spray $ 23
     WARNING: We do not condone nor encourage the use of our products to defeat toll booth cameras. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using our covers in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in their area of vehicle use.

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