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Mirror Guard / Mirror Protector / Mirror Reflector

Latest mirror accessory from Japan. These self-stick protectors can be installed onto any automotive mirror to provide numerous benefits:

  • Protect mirrors from being scratched.
  • High reflectivity at night time to enhance safety & visibility.
  • Give that high-end "signal mirror" look that is found on many modern vehicles.
  • Made of pliable, durable & non-yellowing tree resin.
  • Automotive-grade 3M adhesive tape.

A very simple idea that dresses up your vehicle instantly while providing many practical advantages.

We imported only a small quantity so please order quick.

Suggested installation:

  1. Wash & dry hands thoroughly.
  2. Use paint-safe/lint-free wipes and/or water w/ mild soap to clean the mirror housings really well. Let dry.
  3. Clean the area thoroughly with alcohol wipes & let air dry completely.
  4. Use thin painter's masking tape to mark installation location. Use a level if necessary.
  5. Make sure working temperature be at least 60°F. Use heat gun / hairdryer to warm the area if necessary.
  6. Peel off backing of the protector & stick it onto the designated area. Apply moderate to firm finger pressure for at least 5~10 min. Preferably longer.
  7. Do not drive vehicle for 24 hours so that the adhesive can cure properly. Maintain ambient temperature at 60°F or higher during this curing process.

Home Safety Mirrors Mirror Guard :  
(#SSEW54)  Mirror Guard - universal

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