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The Case Marine, Gooma's waterproof soft case for smartphones, has a waterproof rating of IPX8, which is the highest class in JIS (Japan Industrial Standards).

Until now, waterproof cases for smartphones haven't looked very invisible or attractive, as they've all been bulky and intrusive. But Case Marine has developed an ultra-thin, stylish, attractive case. It's made of 0.25mm-thick polyurethane with a special finish. The screen part is made of 0.35mm acrylic. It can be used for an iPhone or a Galaxy S II. With a bit of practice, this case can be put on in about 5 seconds (see video). When it's attached, there's a bit of slack at the back. Even if the phone is placed in water, the case makes it waterproof to everyday standards. The seal on the back has been certified by Oki Engineering; it has a JIS rating of IPX8, which is the highest level in Japan Induestral Standards. So it keeps your smartphone waterproof down to a depth of 10m (32.8 feet)! It's also dust-proof too. And the touchscreen is of course still completely accesible and usable while the phone's inside.

Because the case is just 0.25mm thick, you can even put a designer case over it. And coming soon is an iPad version that promises to let you keep using your tablet during baths, showers, downpours, and even light scuba diving.

  • Ensure case is on properly before submerging in water. Test only in shallow water for leakage.
  • The Case Marine cover can be reused repeatedly, but not the seals! You must use a new seal after taking off the cover.
  • Minor deformation of the cover may happen over time, use a warm air dryer to mold it back into shape after mounting onto phone. Don't 'air-cook' your phone!
  • Do not ever submerged the phone with cover + seal in water deeper than 10m. And don't submerge phone in 10m of water for more than 24 hours.
  • Don't expose the case to direct sunlight, intense heat like inside a parked car on a sunny day or inside sauna.
  • Case can be damaged and its waterproof ability will be impaired if dropped onto ground.
  • Earphone and charger cannot be used while case is in place.
  • Touch screen operation cannot be conducted while submersed in water. In iOS 5 there's a shutter function to be triggered via the volume buttons so shutter operation under water is possible for your underwater photography purpose.
  • After being used in saltwater, always rinse the case thoroughly with freshwater.
  • Dry thoroughly after each use and store in its special case.

    How does our Japanese product compare to the Korean brand?
    Country of Origin: Japan Korea
    Thickness: 0.25 mm 1 mm
    Tested Depth: 32.8 feet 3.28 ~ 10 feet

  • Case Marine (Lite Ver.) - It includes 1x cover + 5x waterproof seals.
  • - 2~3 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Case Marine (Premium Ver.) - It includes 2x covers + 10x waterproof seals + 1x bumper.
  • - 2~3 weeks for JDM delivery       

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