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H.V.S. (a.k.a. Hot InaZma in Japan) is an innovative product for harnessing the full potential of your vehicle's electrical system. Sun Automobile debuted H.V.S. at the Tokyo Auto Salon in Jan, 2003 then again at the International Auto Salon in April, 2003. This unique device from Japan acts like a capacitor, except that it is used for performance rather than for audio applications. It's function is to stabilize the voltage of the battery so it is most effective even when the battery is under a heavy load from power-hungry components like A/C, stereo, lights, etc. Where the same company's H.G.S. (i.e. Hyper Ground System or HotEarth) aids with the operation of the alternator, H.V.S. aids with the operation of the battery + alternator.

H.V.S. utilizes automatic voltage regulation which adjusts the undervoltages and overvoltages, hence eliminating voltage 'noise' and enabling electrical components to operate at full potential. State-of-the-art circuitry reduces wasteful electricity drains and prevents reverse current.

Any electrician can tell you how detrimental low voltage dip can be to electronics. Continued low voltage operation causes electronics to run at higher currents than they're engineered for, overheating and shortening their life.

We carry only the top-of-the-line H.V.S. models, which handle low range torque (city driving) as well as high range horsepower (performance driving). Installation is extremely simple; just attach to negative & positive terminals on the battery. The 'multiplier' effect of HGS & HVS being used together is beneficial.

How much HP/Torque does it gain? - As with any product, the amount of benefit gained will vary between applications. Some applications we have tested have gained 16+ horsepower, but the average gain seems to be between 3-6 horsepower. Hyper Voltage System is not a product that is used to boost your vehicles power; it is designed to stabilize voltage in the electrical system to help your vehicle operate at its full potential. When used together with the Hyper Ground System, your electrical system will have the ability to maintain peak efficiency for improved performance. One thing to consider is that virtually 100% of our customers are completely satisfied with their Hyper Voltage System purchase, and simply amazed that such a simple addition could help their vehicle perform so much better.

Features & Effects:

  • Increases torque & horsepower - The better voltage response in the low tension circuit results in better response in the high tension circuit. This could result in a more powerful spark which gives a better burn in the combustion chamber.
  • Generates cleaner exhaust & improves milage - Fuel efficiency would seem to have nothing to do with the 12v electrical system. But technically, the alternator is in the 12v electrical system, and load on the alternator can affect fuel efficiency by adding mechanical drag to the engine. The more load on the electrical system, the more drag in the alternator. The fuel efficiency difference between a shoddy 12v system and a decent one can be measured by Scan-Tool devices.
  • Enhances turbo boost response & performance - This has all to do with how the engine sensors read their data and send them back to the ECU. If they're getting crappy, noisy voltage, then the readings being sent back to the ECU could be all over the place, meaning it could have trouble generating good throttle position information from the engine map. If the sensors are allowed to do their work properly, the ECU is able to do a better job of mapping it all out, and the result could be better throttle response.
  • Enhances audio sound quality
  • LED light to indicate proper connection & operation of unit
  • Integrated safety feature to protect the vehicle even if the terminals are connected to oposite lead wires
  • Wires are high-quality, thick gauge 99.99% pure copper with multi layered shielding
  • Waterproof design
  • Guaranteed for up to 1 year (only in Japan)
  • Car Good Press (Vol.4) performed a fuel economy test with the HVS, the before & after installation indicate 8.3 km/L & 10.1 km/L respectively. There is an improvement of 1.8 km/L!
  • German Cars (Issue July, 2003) performed battery voltage & exhaust quality tests on BMW 318is. Before installation, voltage fluctates between 13.20V to 13.80V (depending if the car is at idle or mobile). After installation of the HVS, voltage has been kept stable at 13.80V. Exhaust quality test indicates that there is a sharp decrease in residual carbon accumulation and especially oxygen quantity which proves that the engine now is achieving a much more complete combustion.
  • Easy Finder Issue 604 (August 20th, 2003) installed HVS onto a '94 Toyota Trueno AE111 V20 (with 120,000km milage). They recorded +2.6PS horsepower increase (+2.3%). Please note that once they allow the car to run-in with the HVS, the improvement will be even greater than this. (Click on images to enlarge)
  • Easy Finder Issue 604 (August 20th, 2003) installed HVS and NGK Spark Cables onto a Toyota Type-MR for over one month with completed 'run-in' for the ECU. They recorded an impressive +22.8PS improvement (+9.8%)! Please note that this vehicle has a lot of aftermarket monitoring gauges (water temp., oil temp., boost, etc.) plus other electronics to create counter-current. HVS drastically eliminates this counter-current and enhances horsepower. (Click on images to enlarge)

  • B-ECO DX - Battery Eco-deluxe is the latest 2012 HVS that is fine-tuned to provide better gas mileage (up to 10% according to maker) & to reduce emission (up to 30%). It desulfates your battery to restore its capacity, it stabilizes voltage surges, it buffers sudden power draw via the use of its capacitors. It even has an on-board battery voltage status indicators to show you your battery voltage status.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • B-ECO - Battery Eco is similar to the above DX model sans the on-board voltage indicator. It desulfates your battery to restore its capacity, it stabilizes voltage surges, it buffers sudden power draw via the use of its capacitors.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Hot InaZma GII - A desulfating HVS that is fine-tuned to enhance performance. This replaces all other Hot InaZma models (e.g. EX, Hyper, etc.). You still get some fuel-saving property of the the ECO series but performance is what this baby is engineered for. Think of it as the B-ECO DX on steroids. Its on-board voltage LED indicator tells you the condition of the battery.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Hot InaZma ECO 24V - For 24V vehicles only. Unit is fine-tuned to maximize fuel economy. It provides all the benefits of HVS sans desulfation.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Hot InaZma Super Pocket - For 12V vehicles only. This is a cigarette adapter 'plug-n-play' unit that serves as a miniature HVS. Use with HVS for cumulative performance. Unlike any HVS, this model also multi-tasks as a negative ion air purifier, as well as a blue LED cabin mood light.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • Hot InaZma Motorcycle - Compact design for motorcycle use. Fine-tuned to cover high RPM and low revs. Improves throttle response, stabilize headlight, lessen battery burden, reduces emission gas. Measures 55H x 85W x 20D (mm). Wire length: (+) 330 / (-) 280mm.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
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