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All H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) components sold on this site are strictly regulated for the following purposes only:

  • OEM automotive replacement
  • Off-road, show and track automotive use
  • Consumer & commercial illumination (indoor or outdoor)
  • Horticulture (freshwater & brackish plants)
  • Aquaristic (macro-algae & coral reef)
  • Laboratory / educational research
  • Medical, dental & other professional applications
Our components can replace any compatible OEM HID component as needed. This includes but not limited to: ballast, ignitors, wire harness and P32d2-based OEM HID capsules (a.k.a. D2S & D2R HID capsules). We now also carry D1R/S & D4R/S components.

HID Ballast:

  • 1. Introduction
    Our patented, enhanced and more superior 2009 version HID ballast (model: Prius) provides high quality and high performance at a very competitive price. The ballast ignites & sustains the arc at the power of 35W (±1W). It has the best compatibility to aftermarket HID capsules because of its current-control strategy and ignition method. Its reinforced protection mode also guarantees maximum safety. It is compatible with D2S, D2R HID capsules.
    • Integrated igniter design for easy installation
    • Microprocessor-controlled lamp power
    • Electronic ballast for 35W xenon capsules
    • Operating ambient temperature: -40~105° Celcius
    • Radiated and conducted emission meet CISPR D/Class 3
    • Passed all of relevant environmental tests including CE, E4, DOT (pending)
    New for 2009!
    Our ballast now includes the Warning Canceller feature: For certain cars (in particular Volvo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Chevrolet, etc.) with warning alarm system, a warning message may show post installation. Our new feature will prevent this from happening. It's also applicable for CAN-bus cars.

    The following comparison table shows the unique advantages of our ballast over Osram's & Hella's.

    S Osram Hella
    Open Circuit Protection
    Intelligent ignition( 1 )
    50 times ignitions( 2 )
    4 times ignitions
    Lamp Socket Short
    Aged Lamp Manipulation
    Protection (VLAMP > 150V)
    No protection( 3 )
    No protection( 4 )
    No( 5 )
    Compatibility w/ Asian Capsules
    Excellent( 6 )
    EMI Noise
    Excellent( 7 )
    (1) Breakdown or empty socket: only 1 time ignition to protect operator and vehicle. Aged lamp: 3 times ignitions.
    (2) Multiple ignitions shorten capsule lifespan.
    (3) Aged lamp with > 110V lamp voltage may not be lit due to constant power control.
    (4) Although aged lamp may be lit, the ballast may overheat & be damaged permanently due to constant current control.
    (5) The ballast may not be water-proof.
    (6) Ballast compatibility has been tested with '01 OEM capsules (Philips, Osram, GE, Matsushita) and six '03 Japanese & Korean capsules.
    (7) High voltage shielded cable is used.
    NOTE: Hella does not use shielded cable since noise filter is included in D2 lamp socket. But D2 lamp socket may be removed in aftermarket kits resulting in abnormal symptoms. EMI test results are available.

  • Home Lighting H.I.D. :  

    (#HB352-12AX)  H.I.D. Ballast - One 35W ballast handles one capsule.
     NOTE: Our ballast plugs straight into our HID capsule. If you intend to use this ballast on other capsules, hard-wiring will be required.
     Ballast comes with mounting bracket, screws, etc.

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