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  • Concept of Earth Grounding System
    On a normal system, electric current flows from a positive terminal to a negative terminal through the car body. But there are much resistance at connectors of body, engine and transmission. The resistance disturbs this flow of electricity to a degree that electrical components such as computer, lamp and spark plugs cannot perform at their peaks. In order to get the highest performance out of any automobile, it is necessary to achieve a maximum electricity flow with the least resistance along its electrical circuit.
  • In short, a grounding system does to your electrical circuit like a high performance intake & exhaust system does for the gas. We believe such system is the basic of all tune-up if you want to unleash the maximum performance of your car.
      Voltage (V) Current (A) Resistance (Ohms)
    Battery Measurable
    Whole Electrical
    Body Body Amount
    No Ground 14.2 13.1 9.4 1.51 1.39 0.12 7.7%
    Ground 14.2 14.2 10.2 1.39 1.30 0.00 -
    While making sure that the operational circumstance is the same, the above table indicates a 7.7% of total resistance which originates from the car body & the same 7.7% of battery voltage which is being wasted due to the absence of a grounding system.
  • What does the Earth Grounding System do?
    EGS can achieve an extreme improvement on electricity flow and stability by providing a direct ground path from the body, chassis and engine components to the battery negative.
  • What's its history?
    This theory has been known & such system has been used among Japanese WRC (World Rally Championship) racing teams for years. Since 2000, it has become the hottest modification performed by car enthusiasts in Japan. Its effect on automobile has been proven by dyno tests again and again. 1st image: an increase of torque from 3500 rev. 35kg to 4800 rev. 40.9kg (see upper line). 2nd image: an increase of horsepower from 280ps to 305.9ps (see upper line).
  • What benefits does it provide?
    • Faster engine start-up :
      You can feel the difference even with A/C on and at maximum fan speed. This system reduces the loss of electricity to nearly zero at ignition coil and produces better ignition spark. This oscillograph indicates how voltage resistance drops at start-up with the EGS installed (right pic.).
    • More stable idling :
      You will hear your car engine noise quieter than before. This oscillograph shows the minimized resistance resulting from the installation of the EGS. Note the smaller waves & lower trace in the right pic.

    • Smoother and faster throttle response
      The upper green lines in both charts below has the Earth Grounding System installed. They indicate a higher torque & horsepower gain. Car used for this dyno test was a Lancer Evolution VI. A max. horsepower gain of 5hp and up has been achieved on a Honda Integra TypeR. This is all to do with how the engine sensors read their data and send it back to the ECU. If they're getting crappy, noisy voltage, then the readings being sent back to the ECU could be all over the place, meaning it could have trouble generating good throttle position information from the gneine map. If the sensors are allowed to do their work properly, the ECU is able to do a better job of mapping it all out, and the result could be better throttle response.
    • Increase low & middle engine torque
      It helps to achieve a close-to-perfect combustion at low or high revolution of engine, resulting in faster acceleration. A max. torque gain of 0.5kg-m and up has been achieved on a Subaru Legacy BH5. Better voltage response in the low tension circuit results in better response in the high tension circuit. This could result in a more powerful spark which gives a better burn in the combustion chamber.
      Top image: Red line = no ground / green line = with gound / blue line = with ground + muffler silencer removed. Bottom image: This is done on a Honda Integra Type R. Actual effectiveness varies by vehicle and personal drivability.

    • Better milage
      In particular city driving. So this system does not just save you money on gas, but very ecological, too. One test even shows an MPG increase of up to 22% on a 1800c.c. test car. Reason being that technically, the alternator is in the 12V electrical system, and load on the alternator can affect fuel efficiency by adding mechanical drag to the engine. The more load on the electrical system, the more drag in the alternator. The difference in fuel efficiency between a shoddy 12V system & a decent one can be measured by Scan-Tool devices.
    • Better CPU operation :
    • Cleaner exhaust gas :
      Lower density of HC and CO.
    • Brighter headlight output :
      Improvement that you can see. Thanks to a better alternator performance. This is particularly obvious for cars that have headlights that get brighter the more you rev the engine, HGS stabilizes the voltage & give a more consistent light output.
    • Improve car audio sound quality :
      Improvement that you can hear. Thanks to an overall enhanced equipment performance including but not limited to: Car audio, power windows, power sunroof, etc.
  • How good is Hyper Ground System?
    Sun's Hyper Ground System enables ultimate maximum flow of electricity by using the best wire & connectors that are available. These vital components must have durability against high voltage use while providing minimal resistance. They have 10 times less impedance than factory ground systems resulting in immaculate conduction to prevent electrical power loss. This system uses thick gauge, 99.99% pure copper with 1477 strands per cable, multiple-layered shielding, optional gold-plated terminals (on gold, silver and sp. blue models), and connects directly from the cylinder head and other points under the hood to the battery to provide an ultra low resistance connection. They come in an array of colors to accent your engine bay, so you get both performance and looks. Sun Auto designed Hyper Ground for OEM use, so you can be assured that they are the absolute best in quality and durability. Fabricated in Japan.

    Sun Auto is the only company authorized to distribute Hyper Ground as OEM equipment. Our customers include Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and Suzuki. We also supply the Japanese Self-Defense Force and other government agencies.

    Professional drivers prefer Sun Auto's products. Tarzan Yamada used our products to help him beat the time attack record at Tskuba Circuit (EVO VII) as well as to take victory for JGTC round 4 in Malaysia (Dodge Viper). D1 drivers such as Ueo (AE86), Ueno (JZZ30), Takahashi (JZX100), Utumi (S15/FD3S), Kawabata (AE86), etc. use our products whether we sponsor them or not, because they know Sun Auto's products are the best of their kind.

    Bang for the buck, Hyper Ground and Hyper Voltage offer some of the best values for cost vs. performance. Typical hp gains for Hyper Ground are 3-6hp, some cars tested gain as much as 15+ hp. Using Hyper Ground+Hyper Voltage can increase performance even more. Both kits start at a little over $100 each, which is an incredible value.

  • HotEarth Model-Specific - These cables are made of high-quality thick-gauge, 99.99% pure copper with 1477 strands per cable, 4-layered shielding, and gold-plated terminals. Over 230 Japanese and foreign models are supported. Model-specific means that these kits are made specifically for these listed vehicles with pre-determined grounding locations and cables cut to specific lengths. This ensures the best performance and the absolute cleanest installation. Please have your engine code ready if possible and search through this Application Chart to find your model. You may also email us for assistance. Price depends on model. Comes in gold or silver. Depending on models, Parallel Terminal may be included. If your model is not listed, please buy the following Universal Model instead.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • HotEarth Universal - These cables and terminals are of the top-of-the-line construction as above. This universal line is divided into 2 categories depending on where your battery is located: front or rear. Comes in gold or silver. Parallel Terminal is optional.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • HotEarth Universal HGS Color Series - This is for front battery car models only. Comes in 4 different colors with 3-layer construction and stainless terminals. Parallel Terminal is optional.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • HotEarth Muffler Ground - Earthing straps to properly ground your exhaust system to the chassis. It is designed to maximize exhaust efficiency by minimizing static electricity that obstructs exhaust flow within the muffler. Benefits may include: Increased torque response / reduced static electricity in exhaust / reduced vibration noise from exhaust / improved corrosion resistant of muffler. Use w/ HotEarth for cumulative performance enhancement! Installation: Each kit comes with 2 ground straps; one is connected from the exhaust where the muffler bolts on the midpipe to the chassis, and the other is connected from the exhaust where the midpipe bolts on the cat. converter to the chassis. If possible, best results will be had if any paint/debris is scraped where the terminals connect for a solid metal-to-metal contact. 1x 500mm + 1x 300mm.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • HotEarth Parallel Terminal - Low-resistance battery terminals to be used with HotEarth if desired. Can be installed onto factory battery terminal so that more than HotEarth (e.g. Hot InaZma) can be connected simultaneously. Comes in 2 sizes.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • HotEarth Optional Wire - You can get optional wires to go with the above full kits. Comes in 8 lengths and 6 colors. As always, gold & silver are constructed the best with the 4-layer design. Silver color is not available for the following lengths: 300mm, 500mm & 600mm.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
    - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • HotEarth for Motorcycle - Gold & silver models, which are made with the best 4-layer design, are model-specific. So please refer to our Motorcycle Application Chart to find your model. The HGS colored series, are universal according to cylinder types.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
    - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       
  • HotEarth Ignition Blade - A.k.a. Spark Plug Cover and Valve Cover. Introducing an all new ignition strengthening product born from the HGS. It eliminates negative ions circulating throughtout the ignition coils and cylinder head therefore providing the lowest possible resistance enabling the ignition system to reach max. potential. Also, when installing in conjunction with Hyper Force System, you can expect an even better result. Click on APPLICATION GUIDE (in .pdf format) to see if it fits your vehicle.
  • - 3~5 weeks for JDM delivery       

  • Home Battery Tech Hyper Ground System :  

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